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Wireless laser mouse Hama M3050

Gadget Paradise
Saturday 22nd, September 2007
Posted by: Kevin Adams

Zooming in on images, starting videos, or returning to the previous Internet page - in addition to the standard mouse buttons, the new 8 buttons M3050 Wireless Laser Mouse features Office and multimedia buttons that let you control programs and applications with a click. Switching between the “Office” and the “media” settings and adjusting the resolution is accomplished by pressing the “CPI” button, a small button behind the scroll wheel. Pressing it for a longer time jumps between the modes; pressing it briefly changes the resolution (800 or 1600 dpi).

Hama M3050 laser mouse

Hama M3050 wireless laser mouse - Office & Multimedia buttons
Two narrow buttons on the front left start and navigate through the media player. After changing to the Office mode, they control the zoom function. Two lateral buttons move forward or backward in playlists or on Internet pages, depending on the setting. They are operated by thumb.

Hama M3050 laser mouse

Hama laser mouse with USB receiver
The 4-way scroll wheel also includes a button function that moves screen bars vertically via the wheel mechanism and horizontally when pressed to the sides. With 2.4 GHz wireless technology via the accompanying USB receiver (maximum range of 10 metres) as well as a laser sensor that detects even the smallest motions - up to 20 times better than optical mice - the Hama M3050 laser mouse can be operated on-the-go on almost all surfaces.

Hama M3050 laser mouse

With 16,000 products, Hama is one of the leading accessory companies, specializing in the field of Photo, Video, Audio, Computer and Telecommunications and now employs about 2,000 people around the World. At its headquarters in Monheim, 1,300 people are diligently performing their daily duties to maximize the growing success of Hama. This also extends to our Subsidiaries, Trade Partners and Production sites in Europe and all over the World. The presence of Hama is truly global, thanks to its quality products, customer service and competent partners. Hama's philosophy since the beginning was to provide the most advanced technical facilities to maintain and improve its performance and quality structure. In 1997, Hama opened its state of the art logistic and distribution center with a fully automated high bay warehouse. This investment has shown many benefits not only in maintenance of product, but the speed at which can be delivered to the market.

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