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BenQ M31 HD Camcorder

Gadget Paradise
Sunday 10th, April 2011
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Internationally - renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ, announces today the launch of their latest 1080p full HD camcorder - the BenQ M31. Designed for savvy professionals and active families who pursue high image quality, the pocket - sized M31 comes equipped with an impressive 10x optical zoom lens, an advanced Electronic Image Stabilizer (E.I.S.) with GYRO - sensor and an array of smart features, making capturing high quality video more intuitive and fun than ever.

BenQ M31

BenQ M31 1080p Full HD Camcorder
Capturing clear, detailed video of distant subjects is easy with the M31’s powerful 10x optical zoom. Users will no longer have to compromise on image quality when zooming in on distant subject using software - based digital zoom. The BenQ M31 offers 10x true optical zoom so that any action can be captured in clear detail from great distance. In addition to 10x optical zoom, the M31 also comes equipped with an advanced E.I.S. which compensates shaky hands and minimize blurs, tracking even the slightest movements enabling the E.I.S. to automatically compensate and delivery steady videos and crisply rendered images.


BenQ M31

BenQ M31 Full HD Camcorder features
Ready to record the faces of your family and friends or any subject in perfect focus, the BenQ M31 incorporates smart features such as the Touch AF Lock and Face Exposure Tracking for perfect results. The Touch AF Lock function allows users to auto - focus any desired subject: Users can easily activate the auto - focus lock function by touching the subject on the big 3.5” touch screen in the preview screen whereas the Face Exposure Tracking function ensures that every facial expression is captured in perfect focus by tracking and automatically set the correct exposure level. Another smart feature for the M31 with 10 megapixel sensor is the Time Lapse Recording which allows users to capture long events slowly being unfolded such as a flower bloom, a rainstorm approach or an evolution of a construction project. Videos recorded in this mode can be quickly viewed and takes up little storage space.

BenQ M31

BenQ M31 upload on Youtube and Facebook
Built with the users in mind, the M31 comes with a plethora of thoughtful features: The 3 Second Pre - Recording feature saves the video three seconds before the user actually pressed the record button, which means there will be no worry if the record button is pressed right after the action started. To facilitate sharing, the M31 features a Dual Stream recording function that simultaneously creates two different video files as videos are being filmed which means no more time - consuming conversion and slow uploads. The Dual Stream offers the flexibility for a quick upload on Youtube, Facebook or a luxurious HD viewing experience on a widescreen TV in your living room. In addition to the Dual Stream function, the M31 also features the Slow - Motion and Accelerated Playback - Enjoy and savour the moment of a friend’s facial expression in slow motion, or whiz through slow - moving actions with lightning speed.

BenQ M31

BenQ M31 Full HD Camcorder availability
The BenQ M31 1080p full HD camcorder comes in “Slick Grey” with a shade of blue and “Exotic Red” and will be available in China in January 2011, and Asia Pacific and Latin America in February 2011.

BenQ M31

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