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Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

Gadget Paradise
Sunday 10th, April 2011
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Access to more than 11,000 radio stations, audio streaming and iPod/iPhone docking. News from your favourite channels, hits and dance beats, sports reports, traffic reports or the current charts - receiving any available radio station over LAN or WLAN is no problem with the Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3F WEB. Several thousand stations worldwide now offer their programmes over the World Wide Web. The stylish black Cosmopolit 3 also conveniently streams music stored on your PC and has a USB port. The top of the range Cosmopolit 3F WEB iP also has an iPod/iPhone docking station. So you can enjoy your whole iTunes library in perfect quality at home.

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3
The Cosmopolit 3F WEB receives more than 11,000 radio stations worldwide. iPhones or iPods can be securely docked with the Cosmopolit 3F WEB iP. Both internet radios can be operated from the comfort of your sofa, thanks to the remote control. "The development in broadband internet has led to a significant increase in the use and number of Internet radios. According to BLM (Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting), in 2010 the number of internet stations increased by 700 stations compared with the previous year. An ARD/ZDF online study in 2009 implies that around 11 million Germans were occasionally listening to Internet radio, according to Akin Garzanli, Director of Product Management & Quality at Grundig Intermedia GmbH. "We've been keeping up with this development for a while now, and we already offer the widest range of Internet radios. With the Cosmopolit 3, we are expanding this range with two more Internet radios, with and without the iPod/iPhone docking station."


Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3 "World Receiver"
The selection is as varied as the list of stations. Whether you love New Age sounds or classical hits, you'll be able to find something to suit your taste. Thanks to LAN or WLAN, the Grundig Cosmopolit 3 gets more than 11,000 Internet radio stations from all over the world of all styles, at home or at the office - without the need for a PC. The stylish black exterior conceals a VHF radio with RDS functionality (Radio Data System). So the listener doesn't just have access to Internet radio stations, but also to traditional ones. The huge number of programmes is easy to handle, as the programmes are conveniently organized by genre, country or your own favourites. The remote control lets you operate all features of the new Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3 from the sofa. A large display and the intuitive menu design make it pleasingly simple to use.

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3 features
If your favourite music isn't always playing on Internet radio stations, then the Grundig Cosmopolit 3 can also play your favourite MP3s saved on your PC wirelessly, via audio streaming. It is also simple to connect MP3 players via the USB port, to enjoy rich sound from music stored on them. This sound quality is due not least to the technically advanced speaker design: The subwoofer range reinforces the deliberate ventilation of the airtight housing (bass reflex principle), while digital sound correction ensures high - quality sound across the whole audio spectrum. The top of the range Cosmopolit 3F WEB iP also has an iPod/iPhone docking station with battery charging function for access to your entire iTunes library at home in perfect quality. The alarm and timer functions mean that the Cosmopolit 3 can also be used as a radio (IP) alarm clock.

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3 Specifications
Cosmopolit 3F WEB
Wireless - enabled radio with convenient station search
Compact size (WxHxD, mm): 275 x 147 x 86
Top of the range model Cosmopolit 3F WEB iP with iPod and iPhone dock
Black design
Receives Internet radio
Selection of over 11,000 radio stations via vTuner
Convenient audio streaming of music saved on your PC via LAN or WLAN
RDS tuner with 10 preset stations
MP3 playback
Convenient audio input and playback via USB port
Alarm and timer functions
LCD screen: 128 mm x 80 mm
Includes remote control, external power pack, 2 x AAA batteries

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3 price and availability
RRP Cosmopolit 3F WEB: 149, available from February 2011
RRP Cosmopolit 3F WEB iP: 179, available from February 2011

Grundig Internet Radio Cosmopolit 3

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