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Casio Hybrid Laser and LED Projector

Gadget Paradise
Monday 9th, May 2011
Posted by: Rens Willemsen

Casio America, Inc., a leader in digital projection technology, announced the introduction of a new family of lamp-free eco - friendly data projectors. Equipped with Casio’s revolutionary LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source, the family of 12 new projectors is capable of achieving high - brightness projection output up to 3,500 lumens, and includes a number of innovative and interactive features. To meet growing market demand for its solutions, Casio has expanded its Business Projector Division, adding three new hires and four new sales representative companies.

Casio Hybrid Laser and LED Projector

Casio’s Hybrid Laser and LED Projector
“Casio is thrilled to announce this new family of projectors along with its commitment to the expansion of its projector business,” said Frank Romeo, vice president of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “Our new line will provide our customers with all of the advantages of Casio’s unique LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source plus superior brightness, an energy - saving interactive experience and features designed for the business, education, Pro AV, digital signage and home entertainment markets.” The rollout of three new categories of projectors, Signature, PRO and Short - Throw, will start this Summer and offer features and functionality, including; 3D Capability, Intelligent Brightness Control, Interactive Whiteboard & Pointing and MobiShow function. The projectors provide a powerful 3D graphic experience and each model incorporates a full input / output interface, including three types of video and audio inputs, as well as HDMI, RGB and RS-232 terminals.


Casio Hybrid Laser and LED Projector

Casio’s Hybrid Laser and LED Projector features
The Intelligent Brightness Control features an ECO function which conserves power while illuminating sharp imagery, automatically adjusting the brightness to suit the environmental lighting conditions of any room. The Interactive Whiteboard & Pointing function enables users to maintain control of the PC by positioning the pointer at the projection screen as well as write on the screen when utilizing the Presentation Draw software, a perfect tool to incorporate into classroom lessons and business presentations.

Casio’s Hybrid Laser and LED Projector MobiShow
With the MobiShow feature, business and educational presentations are made easy, allowing users to make presentations wirelessly via any smartphone, computer and other mobile device equipped with wireless LAN capabilities. Presentations can also be conducted using the USB 2.0 function available in select models.

Casio’s Hybrid Laser and LED Projector industry veterans
“We are confident that these industry veterans will help us grow our business and illuminate Casio as a leader in the digital projection industry,” said Matt Mustachio, general manager of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “This is an exciting time for our company and we believe that the recent growth, momentum and expanding product line effectively positions us as a key solutions provider in the marketplace.”

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