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Asus LED Projector

Gadget Paradise
Monday 14th, March 2011
Posted by: Rens Willemsen

The Asus P1 LED projector offers a product intended for business and entertainment use with a compact size, a height of just 33mm, 200 - lumen brightness and a native resolution of 1280 x 800. It incorporates LED projection technology to help users reduce maintenance costs with its lamp lifespan up to four times longer than conventional projectors. Instant on/off capabilities and power input sharing with ASUS notebooks help make the P1 a great choice for all presentation needs.

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Asus P1 LED Projector

Asus Blu-ray player and devices

Posted by: Rens Willemsen Monday 14th, March 2011

New entertainment products from ASUS to include Blu - ray drives with advanced media format compatibility, 3D playback, smartphone remote control functionality and USB 3.0 - based high speed write performance. Also on display at the show are all - new active noise cancelling headphones, designed to provide high quality portable personal audio. Versatile Blu-ray players with comprehensive format support. The new ASUS O!Play BDS-700 Blu-ray player uses Qdeo video post-processing to deliver clear, vivid images in native high definition and upscaling of 480p DVD content.

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