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Epson projector EB-455Wi and EB-465i

Gadget Paradise
Monday 22nd, August 2011
Posted by: Rens Willemsen

Epson launches its latest interactive projectors: the EB-455Wi and EB-465i. The series delivers a perfect picture in all light conditions, and has smart features to make presentations more effective. Easy to install and use, the projectors enable users to focus on presenting rather than setting up. Users can achieve a clear picture - even in daylight - and keep the lights on so their audience can take notes. This is thanks to Epsonís 3LCD technology and the projectorsí high White and Color Light Output, which ranges from 1,500 to 3,500 lumens, depending on the model.

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Epson projector EB-455Wi and EB-465i

Epson EB-D6155 and EB-D6250 projector

Posted by: Luuk Jurrien Friday 8th, July 2011

Responding to the needs of organizations in dusty and sandy locations, Epson has developed a projector exhaust shutter system for trouble - free presenting. Featured in Epsonís EB-D6155W and EB-D6250 projectors, the shutter automatically closes when the projector is not in use, preventing dust and sand from entering and causing damage. The projectorsí optical engine is encased in glass to offer further protection against the atmosphere, delivering high - quality projection that is fully dust - proof.

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