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Samsung P2 and T10 MP3 players

Posted by: Dave Baker Monday 8th, October 2007

continues its streak of launching first class technology with the release of two new digital audio players, the Samsung YP-P2 and YP-T10. Samsung’s new lineup of MP3 players combines stylish design, state-of-the-art sound and convenient connectivity options. Both the Samsung P2 and T10 players boast built-in Bluetooth 2.0 capability, providing wireless listening whether connecting to Bluetooth 2.0 headphones or speakers.

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eMotion media player DVD

Posted by: Kevin Adams Monday 1st, October 2007

MediaStreet Inc., a leading independent manufacturer of innovative digital solutions for the photographic, music, arts and consumer electronics industries, has introduced one of the most innovative, versatile and compact media players available on the market. The new eMotion (PMP-DVD) Portable Media Player DVD serves as a complete mini Media Center for watching movies, listening to music and viewing your favorite photos on-the-go.

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Toshiba gigabeat T400 media player

Posted by: Kay Volker Monday 1st, October 2007

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., announced the Toshiba gigabeat T400, the company’s first flash-based portable digital media player featuring high-end audio H2C audio enhancement technology and support for WMA Lossless audio files for $119.99. Toshiba has also expanded its recycling program to include its gigabeat portable media player lineup.

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Hitachi Blu-ray Disc camcorder

Posted by: Richard Smith Monday 24th, September 2007

Officially announced on the 2nd of August in Japan, Hitachi will give home movies the Hollywood treatment with the launch of its Blu-ray disc camcorders, the world’s first camcorders to store home movies in 1920x1080 Full HD on Blu-ray disc media and the world’s first to provide a truly end-to-end Full HD solution from capture, storage to output. The result? Captured memories that have the same intensity, clarity and emotion as the moment they occurred - a totally unsurpassed audio visual experience, offering viewers the next best thing to reality itself.

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Sony EX1 high definition camcorder

Posted by: Kevin Adams Saturday 22nd, September 2007

Sony hosted the European launch of the latest addition to its XDCAM family of tapeless acquisition tools with the launch of the exciting new XDCAM EX compact camcorder. In addition to the existing XDCAM HD optical disc-based products, the XDCAM EX camcorder, the Sony PMW-EX1, offers all the benefits of tapeless workflow, selectable bit rates and outstanding picture performance that users have come to expect with XDCAM HD, coupled with new creative recording features and lens features which will redefine the standard for the professional compact camcorder market.

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